The Annotated Alice

I did my master’s project about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  by Lewis Carroll because the book has always intrigued me. For my project I did more research about the underlying, subliminal messages in the book. Also the reputation of Lewis Carroll, more specifically his behaviour towards children, is examined throughout my project.

The result is a new annotated version of the book in which these hidden messages are represented. At first sight, the book looks like any other fairy tale with its sweet pink cover. As soon as you start reading you will see that some parts of the text are underlined or that some pages have strange decorations. These interventions should make the reader think. A reader who pays enough attention will discover that these lines and page decorations are actually really small annotations, only to be readable with a magnifying glass.

The images seem to be abstract. They have a mysterious, psychedelic look which suits the Wonderland story. But again, as soon as the reader tries to hold a red, transparant film sheet in front of them, they will get to see the real images. These hidden images are controversial photographs made by Lewis Carroll, representing questionable portraits of young girls.

The hidden is now ready to be discovered.

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