Open M

M Leuven needed a new visual style for the communication of Open M. Open M is an initiative that gives visual artists the opportunity to show their work in the museum’s galleries. It starts with an open call where artists from all fields can submit their work. Every edition, a guest curator makes a selection from the submitted proposals. The result is a group show with the selected artworks.

I started from the concept of the letter M that is open, quite literal. Working with only the outlines of the letter and leaving a lot of white space just like an empty canvas. I found it important that the visuals for the open call would be as neutral as possible, so that artist from all fields would feel encouraged to apply.

Once the selection of the artworks was finished, I created new visuals for the exhibition. For this, I used the selected works to fill in the outlines. The result is visual style and concept that is timeless and blends in smoothly with the museum’s branding.

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